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Best Talent Development 2020
HRcoreEVENTS by Teneo

Taking your People Transformation Knowledge to the next level


24th & 25th OCTOBER 2023

2 Conferences, 1 Venue:

  • Learning & Development 

  • Talent Transformation

  • 50+ high-level expert speakers

  • 250+ HR professionals LIVE

  • 30+ Countries

  • 30+ Case Studies

  • 6 Panel & Roundtable sessions


Speakers 2022

Learning & Development 

Talent Transformation

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2 Conferences - 1 Venue

       In the past few years, HR has gone through so much change, from sudden pivots in strategy to the increasing importance of wellbeing. Moving forward and beyond is really about continuing to challenge the expectations of the HR function and making sure to drive innovation.


After the development of Computers, Robots and more recently AI, many believe that technology will soon take completely over.               

As automation replaces roles & processes, we begin to question how much importance we 'still' afford to people…

HR has never had a better chance to prove the true value of the    People Function and there is a colossal role to fulfill.

Talent/ L&D executives are rising to the challenge by planning to double their efforts in the next two years to skill their HR teams in new capabilities. To succeed, HR professionals need to become more data- driven, business-focused, and experience-led.

It's more critical than ever to ADAPT to the challenges organisations are facing  in real-time: oversee a historic remote-working experiment; when and how to lay workers off; empower employee morale/engagement;

the wellbeing of the employees; develop critical skills, drive D&Iinnovation, coaching, cut costs and TRANSFORM for the long term.

Digital Transformation has been on the rise for almost a decade and as much of the world “slowed down”, we found ourselves in an increasingly disrupted, blended, data-driven world. HR & L&D leaders need to prepare for even more rapid changes to come.

Come and find out how organisations and HR leaders are reacting to protect, develop and add value to their employees and their businesses! This is the best moment to learn about the strongest L&D and HR practices in times of uncertainty!

“71% of organisations say their Leadership is NOT ready with the skills required to lead the organisation into the Future” (source: CCL)

Let us help you with this!!

Looking forward to meeting you in Amsterdam!
                                                                                   The Teneo Team

2 conferences:

  • 'Talent Transformation'

  • 'Learning & Development'


  • 50+ Expert Speakers

  • 250+ HR professionals LIVE

  • 30+ Case Studies 

  • 6 Panel & Roundtable sessions

  • 40+ Countries represented

  • Exclusive Cocktail Reception

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HR coaching event
HRIS event



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HR coaching event




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Game Changers

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Steigenberger Airport Hotel Amsterdam, at

Schiphol airport (approx. 10 min by car, transfer free of charge) with its 440 hotel rooms and conference rooms,

is about 15km away from the city center.

The hotel is located next to the Amsterdam forest - an

ideal spot for running, cycling and walking.

The location of our hotel in Amsterdam is easy

accessible by car or public transport.

Our function, conference and meeting rooms reflect our green meeting philosophy and offer state-of-the-art infrastructure.

For added convenience, you and the other meeting participants can park in over 250 parking spaces right in front of our hotel in Amsterdam.

If you are not arriving by car, our free shuttle service will transport you to and from the airport and the airport train station.

Book a room at a preferred price for HRcoreACADEMY participants.


Stationsplein Zuid-West 951, 1117 CE Schiphol, Netherlands

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