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Best Talent Development 2020


28th, 29th & 30th OCTOBER 2020

2 Conferences - 1 Online Event -

We want you to have the best Virtual Learning Experience ever!

This Roadmap will guide you on how best to

access the event and its features.

___ Programme


The HRcoreACADEMY Summit will be held on our exclusive HRcoreEVENTS platform consisting of an interactive

Mobile App and Web Platform.

___ App

Download the 'HRcoreEVENTS' App from

AppStore (Apple iOS) or Google Play Store (Android)

Login: Your personal ID number was sent to you


The App on your mobile or tablet will give you access to all

the features of the event: live broadcasts, detailed agenda,

speaker details, participant list, quizzes, surveys, sponsor booths, contests, workshops, networking rooms and much more.

You can use the “Help” button inside for technical assistance.

___ Web Platform

The Web Stage which you can see in your computer’s browser,

will allow you to watch the live broadcast and access the agenda:

Login: Your personal ID number was sent to you from

The Web Stage can be accessed using the

same access details as the App. We recommend using the

Google Chrome browser to minimise the risk of technical issues.


Please keep in mind that via the Web Stage, you can only

watch the live presentations and browse the agenda.

All of the other options like networking, participants list,

speaker details, quizzes, surveys, etc., are ONLY accessible

through the Mobile App.  

___ Technical Issues

​ If you didn’t receive (don't have) your login number,

the reason might be:


  1. It landed in your spam/junk folder. Please check.

  2. Perhaps you registered with another email address.

  3. You still didn’t register for the event. Please fill-in this                Online Registration Form. Once we receive it,                                      you will be sent a confirmation with your access details.

  4. Our emails might be blocked by your Firewalls. You should          then register again with another email address.


If you still can’t find the number please get in touch with us via

___ Staff contacts


Call us on one of these numbers if you need help:


+34 93 318 7687

+34 93 301 0792

+34 65 674 1465

Got Questions?

I can't see the presentations on my Laptop correctly!!

1) Use your Google Chrome browser 2) Please reload the page. If the issue persists, try clearing your browser’s Cache. 3) You might have firewall issues...have a look at the requirements below.

How can I network with other Participants?

Enable the Networking option by selecting your availability and interests. The AI powered networking will suggest people to contact.

How can I win Prizes?

Participating in the Surveys, Quizzes, Polls, Q&A sessions, Visiting the 'Partners Booth' and Competitions will give you points in the Ranking of all participants. The more active you are, the more points you will earn and the bigger your chance of winning prizes will be.

Will I have access to recordings of all the presentations after the event?

The VIP ticket comes with access to all recorded presentations after the event. You can purchase VIP tickets here: Purchase Tickets

How can I learn more about products, solutions and services offered by the event partners?

By clicking on the ‘Partners’ icon in the App’s main menu, you will get access to virtual booths. You will find more information about our partner’s and their contact person at the event.

I can't log in, grrrrrr!

Make sure you use your personal access details we sent you. Try: If you still can’t log in, please get in touch with us: +34 93 318 7687 +34 93 301 0792

___ Firewalls

Your company may have installed strong firewalls into your PC/ Mac. To make sure you’re able to use the vMIX platform, please ask your IT dept. to give access to the following:


HTTPS: Port 443 TCP (outbound)

TURN/STUN: Port 10349 UDP/TCP (outbound)

Video/Audio Streams: Dynamic Port Allocation UDP - 49152-65535 (inbound)


Port list for firewalls: 80, 8080, 443, 3027


Minimum Requirements

vMix Call can establish a connection with only TCP access to remote port 10349 (outbound) for video/audio and port 443 (outbound) for the web site access.

However, audio and video will need to be routed via one of our remote servers, so call quality may be reduced as a result.

2 conferences:

  • 'Talent Trends'

  • 'Learning & Development 4.0'


  • 47 high-level expert speakers

  • 3.000+ HR professionals

  • 25 case-Studies 

  • Q&A's, Polls, Quizzes, Fun,.. 

  • Digital Magic and much more...