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Best Talent Development 2020


28th, 29th & 30th OCTOBER 2020

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Proud to bring inspirational experts from across the globe

Talent Trends

Learning & Devt. 


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Programme Day 1


L&D Trends,
Journeys, Innovation


9:15 CET

Opening of the Conference by the Chairs:

Derek Bruce, Leadership Devt. Director, Signify

Stefaan van Hooydonk, Former CLO, Cognizant                                                            _____________________________


Meta skills to propel Learning and Skilling

Stefaan van Hooydonk,

Former Chief Learning Officer, Cognizant 

  • With learning and skilling taking center stage in the          Digital Age, L&D Teams will accelerate learning and          skilling for their employees when they focus on equipping employees with the meta skills of Curiosity,                       Growth Mindset and Learning how to learn.

Q&A with Stefaan                                                                                                               _____________________________


Our Purpose 2 Impact program 

Christophe Vanden Eede,

VP TA & Global Head of Career Management, ING

  • We offer the possibility to all our employees to discover:     their own personal purpose as a starting point to define     their next development actions for their current job, their   next career move and even their plan B for leaving  the Bank

  • Excellent satisfaction scores!

Q&A with Christophe                                                                                                        _____________________________

10:50 CET

Coffee & Networking (in the App)                                                                                           _____________________________


Managers as Learning evangelists:

4 ways for Managers to facilitate learning

Valérie-Anne Monvoisin, Learning & Content Dir. &

Neelie Verlinden, Digital HR Specialist, Talentsoft 

  • By 2024 69% of managers' tasks will be automated - as        such the role of a manager is changing fast and they              will have to take on new responsibilities.

Q&A with Valérie-Anne & Neelie




Why Digital Coaching accelerates Talent Development

Rachel Le Maire, UK Talent Devt. Mgr., BNP Paribas &

Jessica Roberts Transformation Consultant, CoachHub


Programmatic Learning:

digitally-driven programmes to support today’s

high value transformational projects

Alan Hiddleston,

Director Corporate Learning EMEA, D2L 

Q&A with Alan

                                                                 ______________________________________ 12:10 CET

Lunch & Networking (in the App)          



Upskilling your Internal Trainers

Wouter Jan Kleinlugtenbelt,

Global Head of L&D, AkzoNobel

Due to cost pressures and the (post) Pandemic situation            there is a clear need to further build:

  • Company-wide Internal trainer pool

  • Virtual skills for internal trainers/ moderators/ designers

Q&A with Wouter Jan

                                                                                                                                             _____________________________ 13:40 

Interactive Panel Session

Led by the Chairs

  • A select group of speakers will be going through the questions raised during the day

  • They will be giving their perspective on current           challenges based on their experiences            






HR Trends and the possible implications for L&D

Tom Haak, Director, HR Trend Institute​

  • The importance of personalisation

  • Connecting learning and workflow

  • Performance consulting

  • The use of prescriptive analytics

  • The possibilities of learning technology

  • Other important developments

Q&A with Tom


15:00 CET

Wrap-up Day 1




Growth Mindset -

Unleash the superpower within you and your team   

  • Growth Mindset and the beauty of change

  • Peer-Exchange on impediments & challenges

  • Recommendations for actions 

Jennifer Weisskopf, Catalyst, LIVESciences

  • This workshop is limited to a max. of 25 participants

  • Participants will be split into groups 

  • You will have to register for it in the App under 'Workshop'

16:35 CET

Talent Trends

 HR & Talent Trends,
Journeys, Innovation
Move Freely between the Streams

Opening of the Conference by the Chairs:
Tom Haak, Director,  HR Trend Institute &

Wouter Van Linden, HR Director EMEA, KPMG

Accelerating HR Trends to get out of

the Crisis and getting work-life back on track!

Tom Haak, Director, HR Trend Institute

  • Trends that were already ongoing, will (or can) be       accelerated by the crisis. 

  • We can use the Trends to adapt organisations and  the workforce to the new situation, and partly also                      to help shape the new situation.

Q&A with Tom

Practical tips to make Cultural Transformation last

Martin Lexa, 

EVP-HR & Corporate Comms., Mölnlycke Health Care

Research found that 70% of business leaders agree: 

  •  Culture provides the greatest source of competitive advantage. 

  • However fewer than 10% succeed in building a high performance culture. What makes it so hard                       to  make culture change last? 

Q&A with Martin

Coffee & Networking (in the App)   

From 5 to 500 employees in less than 5 years -

Learnings on the importance of efficient             

Recruiting and successful Onboarding

Ben Kiziltug,

Intl. Lead and UK Country Mgr., Personio 


Remote Talent Management: take it or leave it!

Tanya van der Heijden,

Talent, L&D Manager NE, NH Hotel Group & 

Patricia van der Kaa, Graduate Recruiter, NN Group &

Martijn Bakker, Country Manager, Cubiks-PSI

  • Learning points: How did NH Hotels & NN Group deal           with such an unexpected event?

  • What does it take to work as a manager remotely,                how can we motivate the teams? 


Revolutionizing Employee Experience, Emotional Wellness, and Learning & Development through AI

Barry Coleman, Chief Operating Officer, Realeyes

  • A cutting-edge way to determine attention levels and  emotional well-being in any video conferencing environment.

  • Returning human connection to the virtual world


Lunch Networking (in the App)   


Heterogeneous, Asynchronous, Remote and Distributed

Jon Ingham, Director, Strategic HR Academy &

Author of 'The Social Organization'

  • Driving businesses through and beyond the pandemic is     going to be difficult, but it will also be ‘hard’.

  • Work is going to stay mainly remote, which requires organisations and HR to shift to a more asynchronous          mode of working.

Q&A with Jon


How and Why to Recruit  young

talent during a crisis period

Cecile Farah, Intl. Director &                                       Antoine Pingeot, Intl. Manager, JobTeaser (20min.)

Q&A with Cécile & Antoine


Workforce planning in times of Disruption

Hans Donckers, Jigso 

  • In a volatile business environment proactive                     workforce planning is critical

  • By using smart skills mapping and workforce simulations,         HR can anticipate changing business needs

Q&A with Hans

What matters most –

how Covid-19 accelerated our Agile journey

Arne-Christian V. D. Tang,

Chief HR Officer,  TomTom

  • Organisational impact

  • Long term future of work

  • Agile Journey

Q&A with Arne-Christian


Wrap-up Day 1



Networking Session:

Which challenges will HR face in the                                next 12 months after COVID-19?

  • This session is limited to a max. of 100 participants

  • Participants will be split into groups of 10 and                     discuss this specific topic of interest.

  • You will have to register for it in the App under 'Networking'

16:15 CET

Programme Day 2


L&D Trends,
Journeys, Innovation


Talent Trends

9:15 CET

Opening of Day 2 by the Chairs:

Derek Bruce, Leadership Devt. Director, Signify &

Stefaan van Hooydonk, Former CLO, Cognizant                                                         _____________________________


Future of Learning @ PMI 

Sam Zalcman, 

Head of Learning Innovation, Philip Morris Intl.

  • We embarked on a comprehensive transformation that demands a new culture of learning, characterized by           open knowledge sharing, experimentation, humility and          a healthy appetite for risk.

  • What lessons have we learned during 18 months of digital learning transformation? What impact has COVID had on      the approach? What does the next stage of PMI learning strategy look like in 2021 and beyond

Q&A with Sam                                                                                                                   _____________________________


Making the move to Less courses and More resources

Fernando Cuevas,

Former Sr. L&D Director EMEA, Marriott Intl.

  • How do we get away from “dumping” content that   employees quickly forget and shift to a user-centric    approach where they easily get access to useful           resources when they need them?

  • In the context of performance consulting, how do we    maintain a balance between the push and pull          approaches in learning?

Q&A with Fernando 


10:50 CET

Coffee & Networking (in the App)                                                                       



A New Culture at Agfa 

Yvonne Hendrick, 

Global Head of Talent Devt. & Learning, Agfa

  • Roadmap for cultural transformatio

  • Two critical dimensions:

        - Attitude toward people, from independence         

          to  interdependence

        - Attitude toward change, from flexibility to stability

  • Best practice tips for making cultural change stick

Q&A with Yvonne                                                                                                               _____________________________


What HR could learn from developers:

Micro-learning and Gamification

Ruslan Demyanenko,

CEO, Eventicious

  • Why Mobile Learning and not a desktop?

  • What could be learned from the game designers?

  • Cases and practice

Q&A with Ruslan​



Learning nEXt Level story

Felix Bartelomij,

Head of People Development, ABN AMRO Bank

  • A story about our approach to expand learning        capabilities  and infrastructure in order to close critical          skill gaps for  strategy execution whilst saving costs.

  • Learning nEXt level will deliver a learning experience  ecosystem to accelerate upskilling and reskilling. Results so far and our next steps.

Q&A with Felix                                                                                                                  _____________________________

13:10 CET

Lunch & Networking (in the App)   



Interactive Panel Session

Led by the Chairs​

  • A select group of speakers will be going through the questions raised during the day

  • They will be giving their perspective on current           challenges based on their experiences   




Driving a steep Change in

how we Learn Online at HEINEKEN

Nicole Stead,

Global Digital Learning Lead, Heineken

  • Our 4 key pillars for driving a step change in learning

  • What we have achieved so far, and what opportunities              lie ahead

Q&A with Nicole



Wrap-up of Day 2

15:30 CET

Opening of Day 2 by the Chairs:
Tom Haak, Director,  HR Trend Institute &

Wouter Van Linden, HR Director EMEA, KPMG

A Career Path for All functions

Dr. Mark van Dongen,

Global Head HR (Mining), ArcelorMittal &

Author of 'Gear-up-Leader Devt.'

  • Not everyone is suited to be a Manager and due to downsizing  and streamlining initiatives across most organisations, mgmt. positions have reduced significantly 

  • The benefits of implementing a Dual Career Pathing 

       system and its impact on motivation, retention, and       

       overall organizational performance improvement

Q&A with Mark

New World, New Work – New Human?

How to overcome misconceptions in Times of Change

Caroline, Seidel, Catalyst, LIVESciences (20min.)

  • Agile ways of working are more than tools and methods

  • A new perspective on the people we work with is needed

  • Unleashing the potential within us to grow

Q&A with Caroline


Managing Through Disruption:

the Rising Importance of the Team 

Jeremie Brecheisen, Sr. Managing Consultant, Gallup

  • Focus on the drivers of high-performing, resilient teams  during times of disruption, and the implications for the success of remote teams. (20min.)

Q&A with Jeremie

Coffee Networking (in the App)   


Digitizing the Employer Journey

Reza Moussavian, 

SVP-HR Development, Deutsche Telekom​

  • Our strategy as a global corporation to designing the employee journey, employee experiences/ touchpoints, moments that matter - with digital HR

Q&A with Reza

SGS's Employee Engagement journey

Ana Bidaud, Global Engagement Mgr., SGS &

Ritu Mohanka, Head of Strategy EMEA, Glint

  • Do we need one global survey to create a common set of data? Or do we need a local approach that responds to the variety of employee needs in different businesses or countries?

  • At SGS, we didn’t choose: we implemented both.

  • Discussing the first year of SGS’s new EE programme and    how a ‘glocal’ approach to feedback and action helped      them respond to employee’s needs in the challenging circumstances of the global pandemic.

Q&A with Ana & Ritu

Sustainable Inclusion: Starting a Movement

Chuck Stephens,

Global Head of Inclusion, Diversity, Belonging,

  • Now more than ever our colleagues need                connectivity and to watch out for each other

  • Our B.Inclusionist movement is one way we are        challenging ourselves and colleagues to have shared ownership to drive inclusion for all; it is 'radically, unradical'

Q&A with Chuck

Lunch Networking (in the App)    

People & Culture Agile Case of JTI

Sergei Polianski, Agile Ops. Director, P&C

Anna Kerechashvili, People & Culture Agile Partner, JTI 

  •  Implementing a new operating model in 
    People & Culture function centered around agility, and  setting up an Agile Operations pool.

  • The pool plays the role of internal consultancy to the org. bringing innovation, delivering on strategic       projects and fulfilling people partnering role

Q&A with Anna & Sergei

Breaking through barriers by starting small
and unleashing the human potential 
Nathalie Hazenberg, HR Strategist Org. Agility, 
ABN AMRO Bank Author of 'Give me a Break'  
  • Flexible use of talents by creating 'smartjobs' (short term internal assignments) 

  • Cooperation in the ecosystem of the labour market with    'cross sector mobility' which focuses on enabling people         to shift careers voluntarily to another sector.

Q&A with Nathalie

Wrap-up of Day 2

 HR & Talent Trends,
Journeys, Innovation
Move Freely between the Streams
Cultural, Agile & Digital Transformation

Programme Day 3




Talent Trends

Cultural, Agile & Digital Transformation
Move Freely between the Streams
Great L&D event 2020

Stream Leader

08:30  CET

Opening of Day 3 by the Chairs:

Stefaan van Hooydonk, Former CLO, Cognizant & 

Alberto Gonzalez, Chief Purpose Officer, Just on Purpose                                            _____________________________


Sales Excellence and Trainings 

Vesna Schaefer, Global Head Innovation Campus, 

Head of Digital Learning, Henkel Adhesive Technology &

Matthew Loucks,Global Client Director, Tack TMI

  • How to engage with 5000 sales people with relevant and immediately applicable training on a  continuous basis. 

  • We went through a digital transformation of our dept.,    moving from traditional classroom training to incorporating learning into the workplace.

Q&A with Vesna & Matthew



Empowering our SMEs to develop their

own high quality Digital Learning Solutions

Tamsin Vine,

Group SVP L&D, Sodexo

  • Leverages learning technologies

  • Thinking differently about the role of L&D in the      organisation during Covid-19

Q&A with Tamsin                                    




Never waste a Good Crisis

Klaus Ahrend,

Head of Unit - L&D, European Commission

  • Large-scale conversion of classroom training into

       Virtual and Online courses 

  • This was undergone (and is still developing) following            the complete lockdown of the European Commission          and the obligation to telework for all its staff.

Q&A with Klaus



10:45 CET

Coffee & Networking (in the App)                                                                                          _____________________________


Digital Transformation Platform

Innovating the future of Learning & Development

Tony Strows, Director of Learning, Philips &

Jaap Mollema, Digital Advisor, Microsoft &

Prof. Joseph Press, Scientific Director, IDeaLs

  • Join us for an enlightening transformation story

  • Experience the future of L&D through a                         children’s story from the past

  • Reflect on the challenges of ‘permanent beta’

Q&A with Tony, Jaap & Joseph



Our IGNITE program

Marilyn Kronenberg,

Head of Executive Education & OD Excellence, Sanofi

  • Turning a very complex executive education program on disruptive Innovation and Culture Change into a                   100% virtual 9 month program.

Q&A with Marilyn                                                                                                              _____________________________


Farewell & Networking (in the App)

12:35 CET

Opening of Day 3 by the Chairs:

Tom Haak, Director, HR Trend Institute &

Wouter Van Linden, HR Director EMEA, KPMG

The Future of augmented Digitization in HR 

Addie van Rooij,

VP, Global People Operations, HP Enterprise

  • Vision 2022 Connect

       - Transform Capability
       - Personalized Experience
       - Learn & Improve

  • User Experience Design Process

Q&A with Addie

HR's Agile Future

Perry Timms,

Author of ‘The Energized Workforce’

  • Why an energized workforce is vital

  • How Agile creates energy AND inclusion and agency

  • How you can start your Agile evolution in HR

Q&A with Perry 

Purpose Driven Change – Customer Centricity as          the driver of Organizational Agility
Ricardo Troiano,
Global Head of Change and OE, Syngenta

  • Syngenta has embarked on the cultural journey of aligning   the executive leadership team vision while tapping into       the energy and innovation of their employees. 

  • The specific focus is on growing their customer-centricity through driving the business agility that will be needed to remain competitive in an increasingly complex business env. 

Q&A with Ricardo

Coffee Networking (in the App)   

Uncovering your Individual Purpose

Alberto Gonzalez, 

Chief Purpose Officer, Just on Purpose

  • Why do you wake up in the morning?

  • Helping your people uncover their Purpose

  • Help your team uncover their Purpose and align it                with your organisation's reason for being

Q&A with Alberto

Interactive Panel Session

Led by the Chairs

  • A select group of speakers will be going through the questions raised during the day

  • They will be giving their perspective on current           challenges based on their experiences   


Farewell & Networking (in the App)


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